7 AI Tools to Grow Your Sales in 2023

Selling a pen is iconic, and once you get it done, there’s no way to stop you from hitting numbers, accelerating, and growing them. With approximately 5.7 million sales representatives globally, the industry evolves daily with fresh, engaging techniques, behavioral shifts, and platform growth.

What I found interesting about this one job is that it’s not a job! Yes, you read it just right. It’s an art where you must be emotionally, practically, and intuitively available. Archery feels like archery, but you need to visualize your target, control the momentum, knock the arrow, anchor the bow, aim, and release the string every time.

The power is in your hand -and so is the responsibility.

Be the charmer, not a salesperson

Sales – most commonly transformed into business development – functions with precisely what the client or Prospect wants. It demands you to create awareness, explore market segments, ideate new products and services, and educate the market. Yes, you can never stop learning because every day comes up with 1000s of updated industry trends and transitions to market preferences.

All these observations and creative challenges make it the highest-paid job with an average annual income of up to $117000 -that too with absorbing a dynamic interaction and outgrowing yourself as a ‘charmer.’

Stop turning this charm into chaos

Knocking on the door or cold calling is being obsoleted; a salesperson must be influential and dynamically contributing to organizational growth. It includes setting and performing, along with both financial and non-financial targets.

Despite the critical business decisions involved, high pressure and stress are counterproductive. Continuous skill development and adaptability to changing industries, business models, and strategic vision are crucial, making it a challenging role that requires proficiency in business development, marketing, and sales.

Keep reading; It’s time to boost your sales techniques.

7 AI Tools to Beef Up Your Sales Performance in 2023

Here are seven AI sales tools that can help sales teams and individuals to achieve their sales goals:


Conversica is an AI-powered virtual sales assistant that helps sales teams to engage with potential customers and qualify leads. It can handle routine tasks like email follow-ups, lead qualification, and appointment scheduling, freeing up the sales team’s time for more critical studies.




Crystal is an AI-powered platform that helps salespeople to understand their Prospects’ communication styles, preferences, and motivations. It provides insights into the Prospect’s personality type, communication style, and tone, allowing sales teams to personalize their messaging and build stronger relationships.




Gong is an AI-powered platform that analyzes sales calls and meetings to provide insights into the sales team’s performance. It can highlight areas for improvement, identify best practices, and provide coaching to help the team improve their sales skills.


Cons is an AI-powered platform that helps sales teams to automate their sales processes and gain insights into their performance. It can track sales activities, analyze customer behavior, and provide actionable insights to help sales teams close deals faster.



HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is an AI-powered platform that helps sales teams to manage their sales pipeline and automate their sales processes. It can track customer interactions, drive leads and deals, and provide insights into the sales team’s performance.




InsideSales is an AI-powered platform that helps sales teams to prioritize leads and identify the best prospects to target. It uses predictive analytics to determine the candidates most likely to convert, allowing sales teams to focus on the most promising leads. InsideSales



Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI-powered platform that helps sales teams to automate their sales processes, gain insights into their performance, and improve their forecasting. It can provide predictive analytics, personalization, and automation capabilities to help sales teams close more deals and increase revenue.



These proven AI tools help sales teams and individuals streamline their sales process, gain insights into their performance, and close more deals.

What AI Can Do For Sales

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes sales teams more productive and reduces the administrative burden on the team. According to the leading predictive sales management platform People.Ai, “in the last year alone, we’ve seen major developments, and it’s not just making sales forecast more accurate. It’s also reducing the administrative burden on sales reps and revenue operations by automatically logging sales activities (e.g., calls, meetings, emails, texts), tracking and analyzing contact relationships, providing sentiment analysis, and providing “virtual” sales coaching through opportunity scoring and suggesting next best actions.”

These six critical ways that a predictive sales management platform helps you be the year’s performer through AI. Let’s discover possibilities to boost your performance with an ROI-focused approach.

Sales Forecasting

With the right data inputs, AI can connect you with the most likely buyers in the future. Using the same types of data analysis, AI can help sales managers forecast their team’s performance for the quarter well in advance so that they can take number-based proactive steps. Standard predictions that sales AI systems can make include the following:

Lead Scoring and Prioritization

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can help your sales team make better decisions. For instance, AI can look dispassionately at large datasets from several sources and tell you which leads you should prioritize based on the scores the AI has given them. Often, this decision-making process is based on gut instinct and incomplete information. With AI, the algorithm can compile historical information about a client, along with social media postings and the salesperson’s customer interaction history (e.g., emails sent, voicemails left, text messages sent, etc.) and rank the opportunities or leads in the pipeline according to their chances of closing successfully.

Expert Recommendations

AI can drive sales by giving actionable recommendations more effective than simply pondering your next move. AI is a powerful tool for information gathering and predictive analysis. But as AI systems become more sophisticated, they can recommend actions based on your goals and insights from the data. This may include how to price a deal, whom to target next, or which customers to target with upsells or cross-sells.

Sales Automation and Productivity

AI can automate and augment your work. For example, it can manage your calendar, schedule meetings, and assess sales teams’ pipelines by making them much more accessible or automating them. This is similar to how some consumer productivity apps work–recommending recurring events or tasks dynamically based on usage data from your historical usage history.

Summing it up!

The art of selling is limitless. It’s powerful, addicting, and ever-growing. By leveraging the power of AI, sales teams can work smarter, not more complex, and achieve their sales goals more efficiently. You only need to focus on automating your so-called ‘sales job,’ work smart, and grow your knowledge to get that ‘sales hunk’ title. For more, keep following Asher Mirza.

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