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Reach, Engagement, & Conversion

Professionally, I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant & performance marketer -passionately, I’m all about building up ROI like never before. I have ten years of experience in the field of Digital marketing and performance marketing.

Behind The Scenes!

Even as a teenager, I preferred to explore the digital world, media, and trends. However, my knack for quality content was something that made me curious about ‘how do they earn from it?’, My love for the world of business and marketing pushed my teenage self. The complexity of business and the digital world was fascinating: a universe full of challenges and innovations.


Initially, it was all about money. But I loved the journey that evolved to a cause, creating impact and transforming the world and businesses! Thanks to my curious mentality, I love bothering people to bring the result.

Kicking off my digital career as a content writer, my passion made me founding a series of startups. Today, Digital Melons -the closest one to my heart –  depicts passion and fire, thus ranked among the reputable professional digital marketing agencies dealing with 300+ clients and brands worldwide.

I'm all about

Starting from PPC and Digital Strategy to specialization in Paid Marketing Tools & Strategies for lead generation campaigns & eCommerce marketing. I like my Performance marketing strategies, like my coffee. Follow my social channels to know more about me and my daily grind.

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