Women’s Clothing

Lylac By Maheen

Client Niche: Women’s Clothing
Country: Pakistan
Agency: Digital Melons Agency

Moiz ( Media Buying )
Saffa ( Account Manager )
Jibran ( Graphics )
Adeel (SM Management)
Client Goal: Sales
Results: Pkr 1M+
ROAS: 7+

Time Period: 1 Month ( Feb 23)
Total Time : 3 Months.

Results: 1M PKR + in 28 Days.

The client was only running IG messaging ads when they approached us. The real challenges were the competitive niche (women’s clothing) and the luxury pricing of dresses (5k-8k per dress) that too during this economic crisis.

Initially, the average cost per acquisition was around Rs 3,000, but we tested different creatives and offers. Video Ads and Dynamic Carousel Ads with product sets of all products in stock worked well. We scaled the well-performing ads with cost-cap campaigns (keeping the average CPP under Rs 1500).

Re-targeting campaign with personalized ad copies to the IG engagers and ATC’ers outperformed all other campaigns with an average CPP under 450 and 12+ ROAS.

We used images and video ads with IG influencers wearing our dresses. Used DCA for MoFu and re-targeting.

Room for improvement:

– Keeping the CPP under 1000.
– Testing Other platforms such as Snapchat , Tiktok etc

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