It’s high time to turn yourself into a brand – Personal Branding Walkthrough 2023

Personal branding is about telling your brilliance and values to the world while promoting yourself at work. It’s time to let your audience know exactly what your expertise is. People with strong personal brands are credible, stand out from the crowd, and can deliver their unique skills to a company with expertise and confidence. If you still need convincing, let me tell you the significant part I discovered when developing your personal brand.

How building a personal brand is vital in 2023?

You Attract Opportunities

You probably know people in your organization with strong brands. It’s time to amp up your skillset and get help delivering exceptional value to your employer. Here I’ve gathered a few potent results of uncovering, exuding, and nurturing the YOU brand. Let’s dive into it.

You Overtake Imposters

Personal branding brings authenticity and connects your “best self” to audiences. It means unveiling your expertise, letting this reverberate in everything you do, and standing you out from the crowd. It also earns trust and strengthens your connections with real and beneficial people.

You Establish Credibility

As they say, “you build credibility not through your words but through your actions.” Your target audience (your ideal clients, employers, or consumers) want to know that you can do what you say you will do. If you live your personal brand, keep your brand promise and take actions that align with your brand, you are automatically on the path to credibility. As you build a connection with your target audience, their words – in the form of testimonials and references can then become tools for supporting your credibility.

You Get Better Leads (Isn't it the best of all?)

People are willing to pay for influential figures and industry experts. A MacBook will set you back thousands of dollars, even if competitors offer the same functionality for cheaper. A Rolex watch can cost anywhere from $6,500 to $75,000. We don’t mind paying more for big brands because it’s not just about the product but the experience.  It’s the same for people. Strong brands earn more because they deliver unique value for their organizations. They go above and beyond the minimum expectations, and companies are willing to pay more for them.

You Achieve Your Goals More Efficiently

Your brand is informed, aligned with, and directed by your goals. And so, those with solid and unique brands also tend to achieve any goals they set for themselves. Redirecting your branding actions and efforts toward achieving your goals is one of the critical factors of personal branding. On top of that, those with strong personal brands encourage others to uncover their strengths and achieve their goals. They inspire those around them to go the extra mile and do more.

You Become Trusted & Relevant

Those with strong personal brands establish excellence– but not to the entire world. They become well-known among those who need to know them to reach their career goals.  It doesn’t matter if the rest of them don’t know you, but your goal is to build a community or fan club that is inspired by you and follows and supports you. Those fans eventually become promoters who, in turn, espouse your values. 

You Increase Your Energy

Being inauthentic is an incredible depletion of your energy. It’s draining to play a role every day, especially one foreign to you. But the beauty and power of having a notable personal brand are that you always get to show up as authentic. Authentic leaders are inspiring and compassionate and encourage trust at every level of an organization. By promoting your personal brand authentically, you’re demonstrating yourself and your agenda every day – and that’s exhilarating.

You Accelerate Your Career

Those with strong personal brands take control of their professional destinies. They don’t simply let life happen to them. Instead, they pursue what is meaningful.
When it comes to salary negotiations, they’re able to leverage their value and unique skill set to secure a higher wage. Their opinions matter when it comes to strategy and execution. They make others feel valued and have influence over their professional lives. They chart the course of their career with intention and purpose.

You Build A Powerful Community

While all of the above benefits are extremely valuable, the most important advantage of building your personal brand is confidence at work. With trust comes self-awareness, and that self-awareness translates into self-assuredness. This Fast Company article explains why self-awareness is essential for modern leaders.  As your personal brand grows, you will feel more at ease with yourself and your work. That kind of confidence reverberates on many levels, and you’ll notice it begins to pay dividends in the form of increased opportunities, recognition, acknowledgment, and accolades.
Take your first steps towards amplifying your personal brand, work on what makes you unique, and help you leverage this to develop your own brand. Let’s grow your personal brand with my team and transform your online presence with a credible brand image & profitable outcome.
Asher Mirza
Asher Mirza

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